Sport Science & Technology to Australasia with Vacu Therm

The luxury European made Vacu Therm recline & upright bikes, body roll massagers and treadmills are finally available in Australasia exclusively through 30 Minute Blitz, and we're so excited at the advantages this sports specific equipment will bring to sporting clubs, physios, clinics and gyms along with our 30 Minute Blitz programs.

Clients will be lining up for the experience and telling their colleagues to try it out.

The luxury designed bikes and treadmills contain "Vacu" negative pressure, which stimulates abdominal muscle contractions, sucking the blood into the fatty tissue of the stomach, waist and hips, allowing the blood to be enriched with fatty acids. During this phase, the fatty acid enriched blood is pushed from the dermal tissue into the bloodstream and transported to the muscles, where the fatty acids are burned off as fuel for movement.

For sporting clubs and physios, the therapeutic application provide their assets, players and clients, rapid results, and is a highly effective method of lymphatic drainage in weak tissue and helps reduce the recovery time of highly strained muscles, especially those recovering from injury or in full competition mode.

German research has proven that the negative pressure "Vacu" technology machines, along with the infra red radiation, helps to burn fat 4 times faster, with between 20cm to 50cm in total circumference loss from 12 sessions, great for those getting back into shape after a lay off.

The luxury BodyRoll massager does just that, provide a full body infra red lymphatic massage within an area of 1m2 so is space efficient, and requires no staff while you look after your other clients.

The commercially designed luxury equipment uses European PHILLIPS infra red lamps as opposed to regular heaters or bulbs as with other equipment, as well as the top of the range European 3 layered sports treadmills designed for continuous work, including a professional vacuum motor bearing head for continuous commercial use.

For our Australian clients, now is a great time before the end of the financial year to get the equipment into your business, we also provide a financial plan that shows how the extremely competitively priced equipment pays itself off within 4 months.

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