Feature for the 30 Minute Blitz at girl.com.au

Pleasantly surprised that girl.com.au would provide such a great feature for the 30 Minute Blitz fitness program, and in particular for our High Intensity Low Impact (HILI) variation of our HIIT workouts.

Adding these HILI programs to our 30 Minute Blitz courses so our instructors and PTs can deliver the sessions to all ages and fitness levels adds yet another new element to the customer experience and satisfaction, as well as success of our programs being delivered to gyms and recreation facilities.

And with girl.com.au featuring our program we now have the younger generation appreciating the fitness, health and wellness benefits of the 30 Minute Blitz HIIT fitness program, delivering results to customers in the most efficiently structured training program.

As we say to our followers and participants, if your gym doesn't have the 30 Minute Blitz, ask them why!

Read the featured interview here:


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