Love Outdoor Workouts

We're in winter now in Sydney, with heavy rain the past few weeks and darkness setting in earlier than the time I make it home, so I've been visiting the gym more regularly to get my workouts in, which will be the case for probably the next 2 to 3 months.

Great thing about using the gym at this time of year is the weather doesn't impact my routine so you I can plan my schedule well, and also I am able to push myself that little bit more on the mass muscle building side of my routines, which although isn't my main aim and goal, it definitely helps to see the strength that I've both built and maintained even from working out at home and outdoors.

If your goal is more around fitness, cardio, toning, strength and conditioning, there's no better feeling than working out outdoors. A bit of fresh air and unlimited locations with only your imagination to adapt and implement a killer routine, and best of all, no monetary charges.

Working out outdoors can be so underestimated. Sometimes people feel that there are too many limitations due to lack of equipment, but it is so easy to utilize a park bench for push ups or box jumps, kids playground for chin ups or step lunges, walking tracks for sprints or stamina building runs, and even bringing resistance tubes, weights or small witches hats to add something different to a routine. I have even used public carparks on weekends when it's quiet for stair runs and full sprint cardio drills. Only the imagination limits you. And from my experience, the natural body weight training tends to build more core and natural strength than purely gym work. May not get as big from a mass perspective, but if that's not your goal you will definitely build strength, feel strong, tone up, burn fat and feel great.

But plan in advance, 30 minutes doesn't take long.

So get out there and enjoy it!

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