Steroids, playing with fire

Sad news to hear of the death of 42 year old Kimbo Slice from sudden heart failure yesterday. Been following him since his days as a professional back yard street fighting YouTube sensation, all the way into the famed Bellator MMA. He was always a beast, serious tough guy, an animal when it came to fighting, inspiring me to incorporate much more boxing training into my fitness regime.

When I heard he died suddenly of heart failure at 42, my immediate assumption was effects of steroid and other serious stimulants would be the cause. Of course there can be no evidence that this would be the case, but not assuming any knowledge of his personal medical conditions, it would seem unbelievable that a man that was basically pure muscle and in unbelievable shape for literally all his life could just die of an unexpected heart attack. If getting a physique like that without chemical enhancements and all natural then the diet, training and health regime would be so perfected that it would be almost impossible for any type of ill health or organ failure, let alone a heart attack. And also remembering that he tested positive for steroids after Bellator 149.

Of course, many steroid users will defensively argue that there can be no connection between steroid use and organ failure. Death by heart attack or organ failure will always be labelled as just that, and many people die of organ failure everyday all over the world who have never been anywhere near steroids. Well that's what many body builders and steroid users will argue anyway, like smokers trying to justify that people die of lung cancer that have never smoked before. The point being it can happen to anyone, but why would you play with your health and basically risk aggravating the life threatening consequences?

Achieving that perceived perfect physique, and when it comes to bodybuilding those unnaturally huge muscles and shredded fat revealing every sinew of muscle in your physique, can be an obsession. When training naturally it can be so frustrating when gaining mass muscle but then finding it difficult to shred due to the regime required for the gains, then when trying to shred finding that naturally you lose muscle as well. So the only option is to try and play with science and use chemicals to biologically enhance your body, gain huge muscles and shred at the same time, but that's not how nature works with the human physique, no matter how well you eat and train, or how many people you try and convince that it's "all natural" and keep a straight face while saying it.

I have been around gyms for a long time, starting from the late 1980's, and the one thing that I could guarantee in all those years, is if you ask any of those bodybuilders that look fantastic whether they "take anything", the answer is almost always a resounding "no, never, just have to eat protein and train right"! That simple huh? LOL

This little list is of professional and amateur bodybuilders that I found on the website that have died suddenly in their late 30's to late 40's, all professional and award winners, and all of organ failure, from kidney to heart, and presumed due to the misuse of steroids. Read up on them and you be the judge, pure coincidence or something much more worrying. Mike Matarazzo, Dan Puckett, Scott Klein, Robert Benavente, Trevor Smith, Andreas Munzer, Mohammed Benaziza, Daniele Seccarecci, Luke Wood, Chris Janusz, Art Atwood, Mat Duvall, Ed Van Amsterdam, Fannie Barrios, Charles Durr, Anthony D'Arezzo, Greg Kovacs, Ron Teufel, Hans Hopstaken, Frank Hillebrand, Alex Azarian, Ray Mentzer, Nasser El Sonbaty, Don Ross, Mike Mentzer, Don Youngblood, Stoil Stoilov, Terri Harris, Ed Kawak, Vince Comerford, and Greg DeFerro.

So my blog today is really just to warn people, and both male and interestingly enough female as well, and especially those extremely young adults that are now influenced by the Instagram fitness "models" and getting tempted to gain seemingly successful and rapid results that can be achieved by various stimulants, steroids and other chemical use, that there can and will inevitably be a down side. You play with fire, and one day you may get burnt!

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