Inspiration and Motivation - Wendy Ida

Was fortunate enough to accidently fall upon an article about the inspirational Wendy Ida. This woman is now 64 but I can assure you has a physique that many people in their 20s would die for. And the beauty behind her story is that she only really started to change her life and lifestyle when she was in her 40s, and has had the motivation and desire to maintain her lifestyle in health and fitness to this day and along the way has picked up numerous awards and recognition for her achievements, and really should be an inspiration to everyone, men and women. She is definitely and inspiration to me seeing she started her serious lifestyle change around the same age I have. I won't go into her life and story too much because I couldn't do it justice, but do yourself a favour and visit her website, get her books, read her story, and make the lifestyle change. Visit

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