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Happy Songkran 2023

Celebrating my first Thai New Year, Songkran (the Water Festival) which just happens to last 5 days from April 14, is an experience in Bhuddist culture, Thai fun, and Asian hospitality.

Having not even heard of Songkran until this week, it's so refreshing to see the Thai people and expats enjoying their 5 day public holidays, having family fun wetting eachother with the obligatory high calibre water guns, as there hasn't been the ability to celebrate Songkran since 2019 due to global events, so everyone, locals, tourists, visitors and expats alike, are really making the most of it, and spirits are extremely high to say the least.

I managed to capture the festivities with my latest Youtube film at and of course on my Instagram stories @carloselyseeofficial and

The joy of travel and a lifestyle change, not only for your health and wellbeing, providing that healthy mindset that allows you to look after yourself both physically and mentally, is learning about cultures and people who have been around for centuries, and appreciating the traditions that we get to see first hand and fall in love with.

Happy Songkran 2023 from Thailand.

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