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Luxury 5 Star European made VacuTherm and InfraRed Weight Loss and Fitness Equipment 

Exclusive Distributor to Australasia, Indian Ocean and the Pacific with the 30 Minute Blitz program

Luxury European made VacuTherm and InfraRed health and fitness equipment - Exclusive Distributors

Australasia, Indian Ocean and the Pacific with the 30 Minute Blitz wellness program

The Vacu Upright Bike

Length: 1850mm (doors open 2200mm)
Width: 1050mm
Height: 1700mm
Weight: 174kg

Material: composite

Infrared Range: IR-A, IR-B
Lamp power: 900W

Program: Lipo Drainage
Vacuum range: 0-30mBar

Power: 1,5kW
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz

Display: Touch Screen LCD
Max. weight load: 150kg

For full VacuTherm and InfrarRed equipment list and prices - Contact Carlos Elysée on +61 430 688 196

The VacuTherm Profi Treadmill

Vacu Therm Profi Treadmill is a professional device designed for commercial purposes. Its construction incorporates a reinforced treadmill with excellent operational parameters, that it is supported with “VACU” negative pressure technology.

Vacu Therm Profi Treadmill is everything you expect from a treadmill. Starting from a modified treadmill belt drive, which was built using the highest quality components of the most reliable and robust construction, to a squirrel-cage 4.0 HP motor (8 HP peak), which does not require any maintenance. The treadmill belt motor has a proper power reserve, so to prevent the possibility of an overload, which in turn allows for its long and trouble-free operation.

Thanks to modern AC controller, the treadmill operates smoothly from the lowest speed. This product, fully made in Poland, was designed by the leader in the professional treadmills for athletes market. The touch-screen allows to control the treadmill operation, as well as the integrated VACU and InfraRed systems. Its user-friendly interface allows you to adjust the speed and incline freely. The second display allows the continuous control of the training parameters.

Vacu Therm Recline Bicycle is a fitness device, which, thanks to the trainee’s reclined position during the workout, is especially recommended for all those suffering from various back problems and pains. It is therefore an interesting alternative to other devices, which generate more strain.

Vacu Therm Recline Bicycle is also suitable for the overweight, who find the traditional sitting position on a vertical bike overburdening or find the riding on a vertical bike uncomfortable.

Exercising on this device, supported by “VACU” negative pressure technology and “InfraRed” radiation, helps to shed the unnecessary weight, maintain a slender figure, improve fitness and even make the skin more elastic.

A reliable and comfortable exercise bicycle with a magnetic resistance system, is especially recommended for people, who cannot use traditional bikes. A large recline area provides the user with ample comfort during an intensive workout. A modern computer containing 48 training programmes is the heart of this device, and ensures the workout versatility. It allows the workout sessions to differ from each other, thus enabling each session to be highly effective. Access to information about the progress of the exercise, the heart rate or percentage heart rate are the features ensuring the final success.

The VacuTherm Recline Bike at the Fitness and Sports Expo - Dubai

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