Easy Ways To Flatten Your Tummy

Great to have VIW online magazine yet again featuring a 30 Minute Blitz article, this time my piece on easy ways to flatten your tummy without crunches. There are many ways to achieve this, have a look at the article here http://www.viw.com.au/index.php/lifestyle/sport-fitness/6802-easy-ways-to-flatten-your-tummy-without-doing-crunches and give them a try. Best of luck, and remember, you don't need hours at the gym, the 30 Minute Blitz has proven that it's the quality of an efficient training method that will gain you results.

Are your customers numbers, or assets?

Having been in the fitness and recreation industry now for well over 30 years, I have witnessed the worrying trend of large scale fitness businesses that treat clients and customers as numbers instead of assets. What does this mean? Well, the first gym I became a member of was way back in 1986 (yes, I am old!). Back in those days, believe it or not, they had the same standard equipment that we have today, maybe without the newer accessories, modern technology, flat screens and digital services, but for basic exercise purposes, the facilities looked very similar, even with music playing from the speaker system, good music too! What I distinctly recall though, was that most gyms were staffed

Sport Science & Technology to Australasia with Vacu Therm

The luxury European made Vacu Therm recline & upright bikes, body roll massagers and treadmills are finally available in Australasia exclusively through 30 Minute Blitz, and we're so excited at the advantages this sports specific equipment will bring to sporting clubs, physios, clinics and gyms along with our 30 Minute Blitz programs. Clients will be lining up for the experience and telling their colleagues to try it out. The luxury designed bikes and treadmills contain "Vacu" negative pressure, which stimulates abdominal muscle contractions, sucking the blood into the fatty tissue of the stomach, waist and hips, allowing the blood to be enriched with fatty acids. During this phase, the fatt

Feature for the 30 Minute Blitz at girl.com.au

Pleasantly surprised that girl.com.au would provide such a great feature for the 30 Minute Blitz fitness program, and in particular for our High Intensity Low Impact (HILI) variation of our HIIT workouts. Adding these HILI programs to our 30 Minute Blitz courses so our instructors and PTs can deliver the sessions to all ages and fitness levels adds yet another new element to the customer experience and satisfaction, as well as success of our programs being delivered to gyms and recreation facilities. And with girl.com.au featuring our program we now have the younger generation appreciating the fitness, health and wellness benefits of the 30 Minute Blitz HIIT fitness program, delivering resul

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