Exclusive distributor of Vacu Therm and Infra Red weight loss equipment

Exciting news as the 30 Minute Blitz program has created a new exclusive distributorship with the award winning European made weight loss Vacu Therm and Infra Red equipment technology that is state of the art in design and composition. These commercial products include the Vacutherm Treadmill, Vacutherm Stepper, Vacutherm Upright Bike, Infra Red Recline Bike, Infra Red Treadmill, as well as other equipment designed for the best luxury gyms, sports organizations, rehab clinics, spas and wellness resorts. Combined with our exclusive free 30 Minute Blitz program they will deliver efficient weight loss and wellness results with the equipment providing a valuable income source for puchaser's as w

HIIT can be Low Impact as well

Had some very interesting reviews when we were discussing the HIIT method of exercise to potential coverts, exercise enthusiasts and exercise professionals. The term high intensity interval training (HIIT) of which I am fortunate enough to hold a high level of expertise in the professional field, is rather self explanatory to most exercise professionals. But take a step back, and thinking about exercise enthusiasts or beginners, especially those coming from a rehabilitation scenario due to injury, and the term "high intensity" in many cases immediately brings to mind hard, gruelling, weight filled workouts, almost a confusion with cross-fit, when the term HIIT exercise is raised. So I wanted

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