2016 ends with a 2GB interview

What a way to end 2016! The 30 Minute Blitz fitness program and business were featured this week on Australia's most influential radio station, 2GB, on the business Money To Love program hosted by Heidi Armstrong. Was great to talk about my journey in developing the training methods, implement the program, and creating the business for its' launch, and getting ready for 2017 for the 30 Minute Blitz International Instructor courses to upskill and empower instructors, personal trainers and fitness franchises to bring the revolutionary fitness program to the public, creating the dynamic fitness experience for clients and customers. You can hear the podcast at http://www.2gb.com/podcast/30-minut

Another 2UE Radio Interview

Very honoured to have outstanding Sydney radio station 2UE approach me for the second time in as money months to discuss the revolutionary 30 Minute Blitz program. The station's 2 hour Staying Well segment, hosted by the fantastic David Prior, were eager to hear more of the 30 Minute Blitz program and how it's popularity is growing nationally with the roll out of courses and international instructors coming soon. Means so much for this unique program to get such a well received reception from the media from humble beginnings. Spread the word and get your accreditation, the 30 Minute Blitz is coming! Listen to the podcast here https://www.talkinglifestyle.com.au/Show/staying-well/ and select

The 4RO Morning Show with Laurie Atlas

Was great to be asked by QLD radio 4RO to be a guest on their popular and informative Morning Show with Laurie Atlas last week. Had a great discussion about the 30 Minute Blitz program and the amazing benefits of the revolutionary workout, so honoured that media are showing such interest in the program and now getting the word out all over Australia. Once we start getting more of the 30 Minute Blitz International Accreditation of Instructors, we can roll out the program to gyms, schools and businesses, bringing the benefits of fitness, health and wellness to the world. Stay tuned for the Australian and international courses or contact us for more info.

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