Love Outdoor Workouts

We're in winter now in Sydney, with heavy rain the past few weeks and darkness setting in earlier than the time I make it home, so I've been visiting the gym more regularly to get my workouts in, which will be the case for probably the next 2 to 3 months. Great thing about using the gym at this time of year is the weather doesn't impact my routine so you I can plan my schedule well, and also I am able to push myself that little bit more on the mass muscle building side of my routines, which although isn't my main aim and goal, it definitely helps to see the strength that I've both built and maintained even from working out at home and outdoors. If your goal is more around fitness, cardio, to

Steroids, playing with fire

Sad news to hear of the death of 42 year old Kimbo Slice from sudden heart failure yesterday. Been following him since his days as a professional back yard street fighting YouTube sensation, all the way into the famed Bellator MMA. He was always a beast, serious tough guy, an animal when it came to fighting, inspiring me to incorporate much more boxing training into my fitness regime. When I heard he died suddenly of heart failure at 42, my immediate assumption was effects of steroid and other serious stimulants would be the cause. Of course there can be no evidence that this would be the case, but not assuming any knowledge of his personal medical conditions, it would seem unbelievable that

HIIT fitness

Start of yet another new month, so I thought I'd let you all in on some additional exercises I've recently incorporated into my routine, and which over this month I will try 3 times a week to see what type of results I can achieve and update you. The new exercises will be nothing new for some of you, but basically it's HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Now because I do many home and outdoor workouts, in essence I have been doing a form of HIIT without even knowing it. And even on the occasions I visit the gym, with the limited time I have on my lunch breaks, I fit in at least 3 body parts on the heavier weight machines in approximately 50 minutes, for example 3 different sets of 10 ch

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